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Perched majestically between mountain and sea, Ocean’s Echo is a luxury guest house with a private pool, a private holiday home to rent as well as an exclusive venue suitable for a wide range of events, retreats and other gatherings. 

Fully equipped and boasting 5 glorious en-suite bedrooms, state-of-the-art kitchen facilities as well as ample open spaces throughout, the luxury sea view villa offers an ideal getaway for large families or groups of friends. Furthermore, features such as the luxury holiday home’s private pool and vast open terrace imbue the exclusive guest house with undeniable splendour… not to mention unparalleled panoramic views of the glittering and gorgeous False Bay coastline below. 

The contemporary villa is only a few minutes' walk to Fish Hoek beach, which is regarded as one of Cape Town’s safest, friendliest and most inviting beaches. This positioning– remote enough to ensure guests’ uninterrupted seclusion, yet conveniently close enough to many of the city’s best tourist attractions, shops and restaurants– is just one of the reasons we’re confident that Ocean’s Echo is your perfect destination.

About Our Exclusive Guest House

About Your Exclusive Guest House Host

Ocean’s Echo is personally managed by owner Yvette, who’s committed to providing guests with an unforgettable experience, customised to their specific requests and requirements. Passionate about hospitality and all things Cape Town, Yvette will gladly assist with any or all of your holiday itinerary planning – both prior to and/or during your stay.


Born and bred in Cape Town, Yvette keeps updated on all of the best things happening in and around the city. With her extensive personal knowledge and experience of the region, Yvette is your go-to guide for anything and everything you could ever want to know about visiting or staying in Cape Town.


She’s also a skilled cook and enthusiastic foodie, available as your personal chef and for event catering purposes. Though Ocean’s Echo is a self-catering villa, should you wish to employ Yvette’s catering services, it’s not crucial you inform her of your culinary and dietary requirements beforehand… however it’s always nice if you do. Totally relaxed and willing to slot in as needed, Yvette is happy to let the foodie plans unfold with ease after check-in.


While Yvette and the rest of the housekeeping team are at hand to assist, they promise to be as inconspicuous and unobtrusive to your stay as possible. The primary intention is for you to take advantage of the beach villa rental as your own private escape and so throughout your stay Yvette and the team can be as present or as absent as you wish. They’re always close by enough and just a short text message away.


** Please note that housekeeping services are inclusive weekdays only, excluding South African public holidays.


About Our Luxury Villa Rental for Events

and Gatherings

In addition to being a perfect destination and luxury holiday home to rent, Ocean’s Echo doubles up as an exclusive venue that can be hired for a variety of events, retreats, private parties, teambuilding workshops, corporate gatherings and more. The exclusive luxury villa’s chic ambience, stylish interiors and abundance of natural lighting additionally make Ocean’s Echo an excellent setting for film and photo shoots.


Keen to find out about hiring Ocean’s Echo for a private event, function or photo/film shoot?


Send us an email or call us directly for preferential rates and further details on what we can arrange for you.

South African Slang for International Visitors

Famously referred to as the Rainbow Nation, South Africa is a multi-cultural country, made up of various cultural and ethnic populations, each with their own distinct flavour, dialects and customs. The country’s rich linguistic and historic diversity has created a colourful vocabulary of local colloquialisms that can often be somewhat confusing for foreigners. 

The following list contains some of the most common slang terms you might run into on a daily basis during your stay at Ocean’s Echo.

  • yebo: Yes. Used to show agreement or approval. From isiZulu.

  • lekker: [pronounced lekk-irr with a rolling r] Nice, good, great, cool or tasty. From Afrikaans.

  • just now: Expresses an intention to act soon, but not necessarily immediately, or expresses something that happened in the near past.

  • eish!: Wow! What? Expression of surprise. Of Bantu origin.

  • biltong: [pronounced bill-tong] This all-time favourite South African snack is dried, cured and salted meat, similar to beef jerky, although it can be made from ostrich, kudu or any other red meat. From Afrikaans.

  • boerewors: [pronounced boor-uh-vors] Literally, “farmer’s sausage”. A savoury sausage developed by the Boers – today’s Afrikaners – some 200 years ago, boerewors is South African food at its most traditional. From Afrikaans.

  • bunny chow: Delicious and cheap food on the go emanating from South Africa’s large Indian population, bunny chow is a curry served in a hollowed-out half-loaf of bread, generally sold in greasy-spoon cafés.

  • cooldrink, colddrink: This is the common term for soda or soft drink, such as Coca-Cola. Ask for “a soda” in South Africa, and you will receive a club soda.

  • howzit: A traditional South African greeting that translates roughly as “Hi, How are you?”, “How are things?”, or simply “Hello”.

  • is it: [pronounced as a single word; izit] An expression frequently used in conversation and equivalent to, “Is that so?”

  • robots: Traffic lights


63 Echo Road Sunny Cove, Cape Town, South Africa 7975


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