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Blessed with immense natural beauty, Cape Town and its surrounds are a mecca for hiker’s and nature-lovers. Characterised by the Table Mountain National Park and imposing cliffs and forested slopes there are almost countless hiking trails, nature walks and mountain paths from which to choose.


Lions Head is arguably the most popular mountain hike and often claimed to be one of the world’s most hiked mountain. Summit the majestic peak and you’ll understand why so many flock to it. The views are incredible, especially if weather and visibility is good and the ascent is timed to perfectly coincide with sunset (or sunrise for those early risers).


There are also the many routes up Table Mountain itself that we’d recommend avid hikers tackle. Kasteelspoort, Platteklip and Skeleton Gorge are all great hikes up the icon of Cape Town.


Other hikes and walks we’d recommend range from Newlands Forest and Elephant’s Eye Cave in Tokai to Silvermine and of course, right behind Ocean’s Echo seaview villa sits Elsies Peak, a roughly 2.5km hike that is a great option for families and inexperienced hikers.


There are so many great hiking opportunities within a reasonable distance from the luxury villa and exclusive guest house so if you’re keen on getting your hike on, chat to us and we’ll recommend the best routes for you.



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